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Angel Ossorio y Gallardo (b. Madrid, 20 June 1873 - d. Buenos Aires, 19 May 1946) was a Spanish lawyer and statesman. He served as Minister of Development during the reign of Alfonso XIII.

Education and academic career[edit]

Having earned his Bachelor of Law from the Central Madrid University, Ossorio y Gallardo won great prestige as a lawyer and writer in the early twentieth century, with works such as "The Soul of the Toga" and "Divorce in civil marriage". He chaired the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation and the Ateneo de Madrid.

Governmental career[edit]


In July 1909, while serving as the governor of the province of Barcelona, he broke Tragic Week, which was opposed to using the army to end the strike occupying Barcelona finally to flee by sea. The government of Antonio Maura replaced him with Evaristo Crespo Azorín. His experiences during these tragic events were reflected in his work in Barcelona, July 1909 (1910). Then he led the Social Popular Party which José María Gil-Robles y Quiñones.joined in 1922.


Ossorio y Gallardo served a career in the Congress during the Spanish Restoration as deputy for the Caspe district of Zaragoza constituency as a member of the Conservative Party, beginning his political career as MP for Zaragoza, which will seat at subsequent elections until 1923 to dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera brother away from politics.

In the three elections held during the Second Spanish Republic, which strongly supported, because despite its monarchical ideas explicitly called for the abdication of Alfonso XIII declaring "monarchy without a king in the service of the Republic. " Thus, in the elections of 28 June 1931, was chosen by Madrid in the self- nomination of Support for the Republic obtaining one of the seats reserved for minorities.


He served as Minister of Development between 15 April and 20 July 1919 in the government of Antonio Maura. He was also Civil Governor of the province of Barcelona.


With the coup of Primo de Rivera away from politics to returning to the Second Republic was appointed between 1936 and 1939 ambassador to France, Belgium and Argentina, a country that when he went into exile to end the Civil War which would form part one of the governments in exile.


He is the author of works such as History of Catalan political thought during the war of Spain with France (1913), The Soul of Toga (1919) and life and sacrifice of Companys (1943).

His personal archive is located in the Pavelló de la República CRAI Library - University of Barcelona . It consists of letters written and/or received by Angel Ossorio, newspaper articles, clipping news, and other kinds of documents.


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