Angeles Negros de Puebla

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Angeles Negros De Puebla
(Puebla Angels or Puebla Black Angels)
League Angeles Negros De Puebla
Location Puebla, Pue., Mexico
Ballpark Estadio de Béisbol Hermanos Serdán
Year founded 1972
League championships 1979, 1986
Former ballparks
  • Estadio de Beisbol Ignacio Zaragoza
Colors Green, White, and Yellow

The Angeles de Puebla, or Angeles Negros de Puebla were very successful in their short time in the Mexican League. The Pericos de Puebla had left the Liga in 1969, and when a new team took their place in 1972, they used a new name.

After winning a division title in 1975, the team finished with the best record in the league in both 1976 and 1977, but made a first-round exit from the playoffs all three years. In 1979 they won the Liga pennant and in 1980 had the best record in the league when it was shut down by a strike in mid-season. The Angels were one of the teams that did not take part in the restarted season, and did not return to the league in 1981.

In 1985, the Angels returned to the Mexican League, but after what the owner considered a bad season, he renamed the team as the Black Angels. The change of name worked because the team hit .347 and scored over seven runs a game in the offensive explosion of 1986 in Mexico. Willie Aikens put up one of the most memorable seasons in League annals and the Angels won their second title (the Parrots won only one in a much longer history). The Angels left town after just one more season, as another championship failed to translate into long-term roots. The team became the Jalisco Charros in 1988. Baseball returned to Puebla in 1993, but a weak team lasted only three seasons before disappearing again. Baseball returned to Puebla in 2000, but with the more historical name Parrots.

Year-by-year record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1972 72-65 6th Miguel Sotelo / Pedro Ramos
1973 71-62 6th Tomas Herrera / Jorge Calvo / Raul Cano
1974 81-56 3rd Tony Castano Lost in 1st round
1975 80-58 4th Tony Castano Lost in 1st round
1976 80-55 1st Clemente Carrera Lost in 1st round
1977 96-54 1st Raul Cano Lost in 1st round
1978 85-65 4th (t) Raul Cano
1979 86-51 2nd Jorge Fitch League Champs
1980 63-25 1st Jorge Fitch / Rosendo Dominguez Season stopped by strike
1985 70-54 5th Max Oliveras
1986 88-41 1st Rodolfo Sandoval League Champs
1987 71-52 2nd Rodolfo Sandoval / Roberto Mendez
1993 52-74 14th Bernardo Calvo / Miguel Gaspar / Gregorio Luque
1994 33-96 16th Bernardo Calvo / Moises Camacho
1995 52-63 12th Francisco Estrada