Áron Gábor

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Statue in Brețcu, where Gábor was born.

Áron Gábor, born on 27 November 1814, Bereck, Transylvania, Austrian Empire (now Brețcu, Covasna county, Romania) - died on 2 July 1849, Kökös, Transylvania, Austrian Empire (now Chichiș, Covasna county, Romania) was a Székely Hungarian artillery officer and national hero of the 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution. He became one of the leaders of Székely-Hungarian forces in Transylvania during the 1848 revolution against the Austrian Empire. He achieved fame and notoriety by successfully producing cannon and gunpowder for the Hungarian forces in Transylvania, as well as, leading the resistance in Háromszék County (today corresponding roughly to Covasna County, Romania) against imperial troops. He was killed in action in July 1849 while fighting against the Tsarist invading forces.