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Scout Forn Siðr Rover badge

Heathen Scouting and Guiding is composed of multiple small non-aligned Scouting associations, open to boys and girls of Ásatrúar/Odinist groupings.


Several organizations exist, among them Scout Forn Siðr in Stavanger, Norway and Malmö, Sweden, as well as a few prospective members in the United Kingdom and Poland, named for Forn Siðr ("Old Northern Tradition" in Old Norse)[1] and the Young Vikings Club in the United States[dubious ], a separate organization despite the Boy Scouts of America accepting Ásatrú units, e.g. Troop 1239, Great Salt Lake Council.[2]

Scout Forn Siðr[edit]

Levels and ideals:

  • Wolf Cubs
  • Boy Scouts, whose emblem incorporates the Mjöllnir (Thor's hammer) as well as runic letters
  • Girl Scouts (Valkyries)
  • Rovers, whose emblem incorporates the Mjöllnir. The highest Rover crew award is the Knights of Odin, whose emblem incorporates Sleipnir of the Tjängvide image stone. Rover applicants must participate in the build of a schniggen (a small ship with oars and sail, faering style) and proceed with an expeditionary project.
  • The Valknut Scout is the highest troop award
  • Scouter (Scout/Guide adult leadership), whose emblem is the raven. The Gylfaginning Award is the highest recognition for outstanding service and contribution to the organization.

Ásatrú Scout Law:[3]

  • A Scout's honor is to be trusted
  • A Scout is loyal
  • A Scout is brave
  • A Scout's duty is to be useful and to help others
  • A Scout tells the truth always
  • A Scout is responsible
  • A Scout does nothing by half
  • A Scout is disciplined
  • A Scout is persevering

Young Vikings Club[edit]

Ranks of the Young Vikings:

  1. Bandit
  2. Sentry
  3. Scout
  4. Warrior
  5. Voyager
  6. Raider
  7. Forecastleman
  8. Standard Bearer
  9. Hero

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