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Metsatöll - Äio.jpg
Studio album by Metsatöll
Released March 3, 2010
Recorded August–September 2009
Genre Folk Metal, Heavy Metal
Length 59:44
Label Spinefarm
Producer Metsatoll
Metsatöll chronology

Äio is the release from Estonian folk-metal group Metsatöll. It was issued in 2010 on Spinefarm Records all over the world. It features heavy use of traditional instruments such as the lokulaud, torupill, kannel & angipill, in addition to the typical metal band instrumentation (electric guitars, bass, drums, etc.)


In the May 2010 issue of Terrorizer magazine, writer James Hoare spoke with vocalist/piper Lauri "Varulven". Lauri is quoted as saying "No other countries have such good researchers of traditional culture and folklore than among oppressed peoples. Hoare also went on to praise the release, giving special note to the choir; the Estonian National Male Choir participated on the track "Ema hääl kutsub".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Metsatöll.

No. Title English Translation Length
1. "Ema Hääl Kutsub" Mother's Voice Is Calling 2:11
2. "Kui Rebeneb Taevas" As The Sky Bursts Asunder 4:29
3. "Tuletalgud" Feast Of Fire 4:05
4. "Vaid Vaprust" Only Bravery 3:43
5. "Äio"   3:18
6. "Vihatõbine" Rage-Tainted 5:29
7. "Kuni Pole Kodus, Olen Kaugel Teel" Until I Arrive At Home, I'm On A Distant Road 2:36
8. "Vägi Ja Võim" Of Power And Might 5:22
9. "Minu Kodu" My Home 5:37
10. "Nüüd Tulge, Mu Kaimud" Come Now My Kindred 3:25
11. "Roju" Old Buffoon 4:20
12. "Kabelimatsid" Chapel Boors 4:31
13. "Verijää" Blood-Ice 6:25
14. "Jõud" Might 4:48



Additional Musicians[edit]

  • The Estonian National Male Choir is: Mati Valdaru, Jaan Krivel, Lembit Tolga, Arvo Aun, Erkki Targo, Olev Koit, Rene Keldo, Margus Vaht, Meelis Hainsoo, Mait Männik, Peeter Hillep, Olari Viikholm, Andres Alamaa, Rasmus Erismaa, Geir Luht and Aare Kruusimäe
  • Choir Arranged By Tauno Aints & Conducted By Andrus Siimon


  • Produced By Metsatöll
  • Recorded & Engineered By Mikko Karmila (drums) & Kristo Kotkas (vocals, guitars, bass, choir)
  • Mixed By Mikko Karmila
  • Mastered By Mika Jussila

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