Är du min älskling än?

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"Är du min älskling än?"
Song by Janne Önnered
from the album Kärlekens hus
Language Swedish
Released 1977
Genre Dansband music
Label Frituna
Songwriter(s) Runo Wallebom
Composer(s) Runo Wallebom

"Är du min älskling än?" is a song written by Rune Wallebom and originally recorded by Janne Önnerud for the 1977 album Kärlekens hus.[1] He also scored a Svensktoppen hit with the song from the period of 22 May-14 August 1977.[2]

The song lyrics depict a former prison inmate being released, and now wondering if his partner is still by his side.[3]

The song was also recorded by Vikingarna on the album Kramgoa låtar 5 in 1977.,[4] in 2002 by Matz Bladhs and in 2006 by Tommys on the album En dag i taget[5] and by Mats Bergmans on the 2006 album Den stora dagen.[6]


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