Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

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Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory is a research site located outside Oskarshamn in Sweden.

Tunnel in the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

General information[edit]

The Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory is a research facility for future geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel. At the laboratory a series of experiments are performed at depths of 500 meters into the bedrock. The laboratory is used by both Swedish and international experts. There is no spent nuclear fuel on the site which makes it possible to keep the Äspö laboratory open to the public. There is an exhibition at the site with information and also guided tours via a tunnel down through the bedrock which takes the visitors as far as 500 meters below ground.


Coordinates: 57°25′58″N 16°39′41″E / 57.43291°N 16.66128°E / 57.43291; 16.66128