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Malus pumila 'Åkerö'
Photographed in conjunction with the Apple Festival at Nordiska museet, Stockholm, Sweden in September 2014.
SpeciesMalus pumila
Hybrid parentageUnknown
Origin Sweden

'Åkerö', 'Akero', or 'Okera', is an old apple cultivar of presumed Swedish origin, but possibly introduced from the Netherlands.[1] It is a dessert apple with an aromatic flavor.[2]

'Akero' was first described by pomologist Olof Eneroth in 1858, parentage is unknown.[2] It is probably named after the Åkerö Manor located south of Stockholm, Sweden where according to some it was found originally as a seedling. Today it is still cultivated in Sweden[1] and is regarded as the best Swedish apple.[3] Was once very popular in Scandinavia and Northern Germany.[1]

The tree is hardy and vigorous with an upright growing habit. It needs cross pollination from compatible cultivar. Gives a good crop of medium to large sized oval fruit. Skin color is a pale primrose with pink flush. Flesh juicy with refreshing[1] raspberry-like[4] flavor, pale cream color.[1]

'Akero' is a summer apple and fruits are picked in August.[1] It is the best summer apple after 'Early Joe', but is larger in size and has excellent keeping quality for a summer apple.[3]


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