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Åmotbrua is a suspension bridge located in Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway, at 59°55′33.604″N 10°45′9.9036″E / 59.92600111°N 10.752751000°E / 59.92600111; 10.752751000. It is a pedestrian bridge over the Aker River on Grünerløkka in Oslo. The bridge was built in 1851 - 1852. It is today only used as a walking bridge.


The bridge was originally called Aamodt bridge, and built to pass the Drammen River, near the mouth of the Simoa creek at Åmot in Modum. The bridge was built in 1851-1852, and was Norway's second chain bridge, of cast iron chains (of three), cast iron on the Nes Jernverk. The bridge was later replaced by a new bridge, and in 1952 the old dismantled and moved piece by piece to the Aker river in order to preserve the proposed Technical Museum, which was planned built at the Aker River Seilduksdammen where it was set up in 1962. The museum was built somewhere else, but the bridge was located where it is now.[1]


The inscription

The bridge has an inscription, a warning: "100 MAND KAN IEG BÆRE, MEN SVIGTER UNDER TAKTFAST MARSCH."
English language: 100 men I can bear, but fails during rhythmic march.


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