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Årvoll school

Coordinates: 59°57′0.48″N 10°49′32.66″E / 59.9501333°N 10.8257389°E / 59.9501333; 10.8257389 Årvoll is a residential community located in the Bjerke district of Oslo, Norway. The community is named for the historic Årvoll Gård (farm), which still stands in the center of the community. This is also where anti-Nazi activists Viggo Hansteen and Rolf Wickstrøm were executed by the Germans on September 10, 1941. They were the first two Norwegians executed by the Nazis during the five-year occupation of Norway.

The name[edit]

The neighbourhood is named after the old farm Årvoll (Norse Orravellir). The first element is the genitive plural of orri m 'black grouse', the last element is the plural of vǫllr m 'field, meadow'. The farm was lying close to the woods.


Årvoll is a mix of apartment buildings, single family homes and duplexes. It is adjacent to Grefsenkollen, a hill offering views of the city with walking trails, a small ski area with t-bar lift and a small pond named Trollvann.

Årvoll is surrounded by a large expanse of forest affording many kilometers of marked cross country ski trails. It has extensive access to public transportation, and the center of Oslo can be reached in 15 minutes or less by bus, tram or bicycle. In addition, it has a small shopping center containing a post office, doctors' offices, pharmacy, grocery, florist and small cafe.

Children in the community attend the Årvoll school, opened in 1955.

The local multi-sports team is Årvoll IL. Tonsen Church is located at Årvoll.