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Ås may refer to:

  • An esker, a ridge of sand and gravel


  • Berit Ås (born 1928), a Norwegian politician and Professor Emerita of social psychology at the University of Oslo
  • Olof Ås (1892—1949), a Swedish theater and film actor stage manager
  • Peder Ås, a fictional character and placeholder name used in Norwegian legal writings



  • Ås, the Swedish name for the Harju quarter in Helsinki
  • Ås, Nora, a locality situated in Nora Municipality, Örebro County



  • Ås Abbey, a former Cistercian monastery situated near the mouth of the River Viskan in Halland
  • Ås, Krokom Municipality, a locality in Krokom Municipality, Jämtland County


  • Ås IF, a Swedish football club located in Ås near Östersund
  • Ås Avis, a weekly newspaper in the municipality of Ås, Norway
  • Ås, another name for the fabled Norwegian Æsir