Æthelstan (bishop of Hereford)

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For other uses, see Æthelstan (disambiguation).
Bishop of Hereford
Appointed between 1013 and 1016
Term ended 10 February 1056
Predecessor Athulf
Successor Leofgar
Consecration between 1013 and 1016
Personal details
Died 10 February 1056

Æthelstan (or Athelstan; died 1056) was a medieval Bishop of Hereford.

Æthelstan was consecrated between 1013 and 1016.[1] Before his death, he had been blind for 13 years, and Tremerig was appointed as a suffragan bishop to assist Æthelstan. Tremerig died shortly before Æthelstan did.[2] Because of his blindness, the task of helping defend the border against the Welsh fell to the bishops of Worcester.[3]

Æthelstan died on 10 February 1056.[1] His death may have been from old age, or it may have been as a consequence of the burning of his cathedral by the Welsh shortly before.[4] After his death, he was considered for sainthood.[5]


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Bishop of Hereford
c. 1015–1056
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