Æthelwulf of Berkshire

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Æthelwulf of Berkshire (before 825 – 4 January, 871) was a Saxon ealdorman. In 860 he and other men of Berkshire fought off a band of pirates near Winchester, Hampshire.[1] Later he mustered a force of 1400 men against an army of Danes, won the 31 December 870 Battle of Englefield on behalf of the then kingdom of Wessex.[2] He received a land grant in 843/44 from Brihtwulf, king of Mercia; and lost his life at the Battle of Reading.[3][4]

Æthelweard, in his account of the battle, reveals a curious fact about Æthelwulf, master of the art of the ambush: he was a Mercian and not a West Saxon. Not only this, Æthelweard says:

"In fact, the body of the dux (leader) mentioned above was carried away secretly and taken into Mercia to the place called Northworthig, but Derby in the Danish tongue."[5]


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