Æthelwulf of Selsey

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Æthelwulf of Selsey
Bishop of Selsey
Appointedbefore 811
Term endedbetween 816 and 824
Personal details
Diedbetween 816 and 824

Æthelwulf [a]was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Selsey.

Æthelwulf was in office in AD811, as he was present at the synod of London in that year.[b] He was still active in 816 when he attended the synod of Chelsea.[2] He attested several Anglo-Saxon Charters:[c]

Æthelwulf died between 816 and 824.[6]


  1. ^ Also Aeðelulf, Aeðeluulf, Aeðelwulf, Atheuulf, Æðelwulf and Æþelwulf
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  4. ^ Most historians believe that charter S201 is spurious.[5]


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