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Çənlibel is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 40°44′34″N 45°52′46″E / 40.74278°N 45.87944°E / 40.74278; 45.87944Coordinates: 40°44′34″N 45°52′46″E / 40.74278°N 45.87944°E / 40.74278; 45.87944
Country Azerbaijan
 • Total3,047
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (AZT)

Çənlibel (also, Chardakhlu, or Khachisar) Azerbaijani village, that is now municipality in the Shamkir Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 3,047.


At the times of Russian Empire there was Armenian village of Yelizavetpol district of Yelizavetpol province. According to the Caucasian Calendar for 1908, the entirely Armenian village of Khachisar had a population of 1,862 people.[1]

The village is a prominent birthplace of many heroes of Great Patriotic War. 1250 inhabitants of the village went to the German front line. Half of them, were awarded orders and medals, two became marshals (Hamazasp Babajanyan and Hovhannes Bagramyan), twelve became colonels, seven became Heroes of the Soviet Union.[2]

In September-October 1987, the first secretary of Shamkhor district committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan M. Assadov came into conflict with the Armenian inhabitants of Chardakhly. Villagers were beaten up by the police after protesting against the replacement of Armenian farm director by Azeri one. [3] This is considered to be the first violent event of Karabakh conflict.[3]


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