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Çal Karası
Grape (Vitis)
SpeciesVitis vinifera

Çal Karası is a variety of red wine grape from the Çal district of the Denizli Province of western Turkey. It also gives its name to a wine produced from the grape, which is sweet with berry fruit flavours.


A local selection in an area that has been growing vines for thousands of years, the origins are probably in ancient times.

Distribution and wines[edit]


Çal Karası is only found in the mountains around Gömce village. The wines are around 12 - 13% alcohol, with 5-7 grams/litre acidity.[1] It is a good match with any kind of aperitif together with fruits, pastries, cheese (Roquefort).[2]

Vine and viticulture[edit]

The fact that it comes from Turkey suggests that it is adapted to harsh climates.

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