Çankırı Province

Coordinates: 40°44′08″N 33°21′58″E / 40.73556°N 33.36611°E / 40.73556; 33.36611
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Çankırı Province
Çankırı ili
Ilgaz Mountains
Ilgaz Mountains
Location of the province within Turkey
Location of the province within Turkey
 • GovernorMustafa Fırat Taşolar
7,542 km2 (2,912 sq mi)
 • Density26/km2 (67/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (TRT)
Area code0376

Çankırı Province (Turkish: Çankırı ili) is a province of Turkey, which lies close to the capital, Ankara. The provincial capital is Çankırı. Its area is 7,542 km2,[2] and its population is 195,766 (2022).[1]


The economy of Çankırı Province primarily runs on agriculture, with wheat, barley, beans, corn, vetch and potatoes being the most commonly cultivated and exported crops.[3]

Geography and climate[edit]

Around 60% of Çankırı Province's territory is mountainous, with three sets of mountain ranges along the northern province borders.[4] The southern part of the province is comparatively flat and bare, with a major plain located around the Kızılırmak district and smaller plains spread throughout the province.[4]

Çankırı Province's climate is heavily seasonal. Summers are typically hot, and winters are cold and snowy.[5][6]

18% of the land is forested, and 35% is cultivated. Wolves, foxes, squirrels and rabbits are among the most commonly spotted wild animals.[6]


Çankırı province is divided into 12 districts (capital district in bold):

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40°44′08″N 33°21′58″E / 40.73556°N 33.36611°E / 40.73556; 33.36611