Çorlulu Ali Pasha

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Çorlulu Damat
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
3 May 1706 – 15 June 1710
Monarch Ahmed III
Preceded by Baltacı Mehmet Pasha
Succeeded by Köprülü Numan Pasha
Personal details
Born 1670
Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey
Died 1710
Lesbos, Greece
Spouse(s) Emine Sultan (daughter of Mustafa II)

Çorlulu Damat Ali Pasha (1670 in Çorlu – 1711 in Lesbos) was an Ottoman grand vizier who held the office from 1706 to 1710.

After the Edirne event, sultan Ahmed III appointed him as the beylerbey (high governor) of Aleppo (modern Syria) and later as the beylerbey of Tripoli (modern Lebanon). In 1704, he returned to Istanbul as a member of the Ottoman Porte. In 1706, he was appointed as grand vizier. Two years later, he married Emine Sultana (daughter of the late sultan Mustafa II) and gained the title damat (Turkish: groom) to the Ottoman dynasty.

These fortunate events came to an end, however, when Charles XII of Sweden sought refuge in Ottoman lands after his defeat at the Battle of Poltava. Peter I of Russia tried to follow him into Ottoman lands, and Charles persuaded the Ottoman government to declare war on Russia.[1] Ali Pasha wasn't able to follow a consistent policy, and the Swedish ambassador accused him of accepting bribes from the Russians. On 15 June 1710, he was dismissed and appointed as the governor of Feodosiya (in modern Ukraine). But before he was able to reach his new office, the sultan changed his mind and exiled Ali Pasha to the island of Lesbos (in modern Greece), where he was then executed.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Baltacı Mehmet Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
3 May 1706 – 15 June 1710
Succeeded by
Köprülü Numan Pasha