École du Carrefour

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École du Carrefour
Ecole du Carrefour.jpg
201A avenue du Portage
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Coordinates 44°42′19.3″N 63°31′58.2″W / 44.705361°N 63.532833°W / 44.705361; -63.532833Coordinates: 44°42′19.3″N 63°31′58.2″W / 44.705361°N 63.532833°W / 44.705361; -63.532833
School type High School
Founded 1991
School board Conseil scolaire acadien provincial
Principal Daniel Côté
Grades 6-12


(September 2015)
Language French
Colour(s) Purple, White, Black and Silver
Mascot Leopard
Last updated: January 15, 2010

École du Carrefour is a Canadian francophone public school in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for students in grades 6 through 12. It is operated by the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP). It is located in the same building as the French community centre. École du Carrefour's mascot is a leopard and the school colours consist of grey and purple.


École du Carrefour du Grand-Havre opened in 1991. It took ten years of negotiations in order for them to achieve their vision as a French-only school as it exists today. In its first year after being opened, École du Carrefour consisted of 120 students.

Originally, the French school was attended by students from grade primary to grade 12. After the amount of students was too populous for the school to support, two elementary schools (Grades primary to 6) were built. These schools were École Bois-Joli in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and École Beaubassin in Bedford.

École du Carrefour's main school cheer[edit]

Nous sommes les, les, les Léopards.
On est féroces, on est gagnants,
On va leur faire du tort.
Avec l'esprit tout habillé en mauve et gris
À part tout ça c'qu'on fait c'est en français.
Avec Léo et ses amis
On a du fun et puis
Nous sommes les, les, les Léopards!

Student government[edit]

École du Carrefour has a student government called the CJÉ (Conseil Jeunesse Étudiant). This body is composed of 10 people in total: a president, four vice presidents, a representative from grade 7, a representative from grade 8, a representative from grade 9, a secretary, and a treasurer. One or many members of the teaching staff play a role as monitoring agent of the CJÉ. In order to apply for positions on the board, the Presidents and secretary must hold a minimum 75% average in French, while the treasurer must have a minimum of 75% in mathematics. All other members require an average of 70% or higher.