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Edouard Cointreau
The Gourmand Awards at Olympia, London.

The founder and president of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Edouard Cointreau was born on 28 February 1947 into the families of Cointreau liqueur on his paternal side, and Cognacs Frapin and Remy Martin on his maternal side. His family has had vineyards since 1270. Edouard is a descendant of the famous French writer of the 16th century, Rabelais, son of a Frapin.

He is the president of Paris Cookbook Fair, president of the World Association of Food TV Producers, president of honour of China Food Television, vice-chairman of the Beijing Olympic Park International Cuisine Competition, and president of Gourmand Magazine.

He is the honorary president of China Food TV.[1]


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