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Baron Descamps (1900)

Édouard Eugène François Descamps (1847–1933),[1] also known as Baron Descamps, was a Belgian jurist and politician who was known as a contributor to international law.[2]


He was the son of Edouard-J. Descamps and Sylvie Van der Elst. He was married to Maria David-Fischbach Malacord (1860–1921), who gave him three sons (of whom one died):

  • Pierre Descamps (1884–1965)
  • Emmanuel Descamps (1886–1968)


He was a law professor at the University of Louvain, and it was at his suggestion that a committee of the League of Nations proposed an international court of justice.[3]

Between 1901–1907 and 1911–1914, he was president of the Senate, and he served until 1910 as Minister of sciences and arts.