Édouard Estaunié

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Édouard Estaunié

Édouard Estaunié (4 February 1862 in Dijon – 2 April 1942 in Paris) was a French novelist. Estaunié trained as a scientist and engineer before turning to the novel in 1891. In 1904, he devised the word "telecommunication". He was elected to the Académie française in 1923. He was also a reviewer, critic, and homme de lettres as well as a novelist.


  • Un simple (1891)
  • Bonne Dame (1891)
  • Le Ferment (1899)
  • Les choses voyent (1913)
  • L'ascension de M. Baslèvre (1920)
  • L'appel de la route (1921)
  • L'infirme aux mains de lumière (1923)
Cultural offices
Preceded by
Alfred Capus
Seat 24
Académie française
Succeeded by
Louis-Pasteur Vallery-Radot