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Édouard Joly, born in Burgundy in 1898, deceased in 1982 was a French aeroplane designer best known for his work with Jean Délémontez on the Jodel range of light aircraft.


It returns as of 14 years in a company of sale and repair of farm equipment. During First World War, it will be mobilized as mechanic of aviation with Avord then with Dijon. At the end of the war, it returns to its company of which he will become the owner. Its interest for aviation will push it, in 1932 with becoming one of the founder members of the aero club beaunois; it then builds several sailplanes, and had, including one Flying Flea. In 1946, it joins his son-in-law Jean Délémontez to found the company Jodel of study, construction and repair of air materials. They will design the line of the planes Jodel and Robin which will be manufactured with more than 6,000 specimens since more than 50 years.