Édouard Pinaud

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Édouard Pinaud
Edouard Pinaud, Ed. Pinaud.jpg
Born(1810-12-29)December 29, 1810
DiedOctober 2, 1868(1868-10-02) (aged 57)
Other namesEd. Pinaud
Known forPerfumes, Cosmetics, Watches, Joailleries and Aromatherapy

Édouard Pinaud (Abbeville, 29 December 1810 - 1868) was a French businessman who founded the Ed. Pinaud perfume house and cosmetics company in 1830 in Paris.

Pinaud was born in a family of craft workers and traders.

He was fascinated by those silhouettes who left behind a slight perfumed trail. He instantaneously fell in love with perfumes and decided at a very young age to make a profession of it. At 13 years old, he left his family to become apprentice to master all the techniques of perfumery. Passion was born inside him, and it would change his destiny.

“Perfume is the paradise of vanished flowers. They find in there their Eternity. Upon opening a bottle starts for me a pleasing journey towards my memories.(…)if I close my eyes the smile of a friend or the sweet face of a young lady met on the way around could arise from my memory. Yes, perfumes are really the most delicate beholders of our past life”. (Pinaud, memoirs 1860)[1]

Prominent achievements[edit]

In 1841, Ed. Pinaud was acknowledged as a "producer of top-quality parfumerie" by the National Court of Commerce.

In 1845, Ed. Pinaud was granted its first royal warrant, from Queen Victoria of England, with further accolades to follow.

In 1855, Pinaud won his first medal at the Paris World Exposition. Pinaud receive more than ten prizes through 1888 including gold and silver medals and Grand Prize in London, Quito, and Vienna.

In 1870 Pinauds Friend Emile Meyer took over the management and in the 1880s the company was handed to Meyers son in law Victor Klotz.[2]

With the Klotz family, 1897 saw the opening of the Place Vendôme showroom, in 1900 the introduction of Brilliantine[citation needed] and in 1920, the launch of the 5th Avenue Ed. Pinaud building in New York City, USA.

Revolutionary of Ed. Pinaud[edit]

In the nineteenth century, Ed. Pinaud, a rising name in the perfume industry, shook the world.[citation needed] The brand Ed. Pinaud was officially established in 1830. Ed. Pinaud was once ranked among the world's top five brands, alongside Guerlain, Coty, Chanel and Christian Dior in the twentieth century.[citation needed] Pinaud's foresight, courage, diligence, and talent brought to the world a panoply of unique and elegant cosmetic, perfume and aromatherapy products.[2]


Ed Pinaud was brought into Malaysia from France in 2007 and was launched by Malaysia France Ambassador in 2007 at Shangri-la Hotel. With 185 years of history in France, Edouard Pinaud is at an unreachable status in fragrance and cosmetics industry. Over a century ago, EP had already stretched across five continents from custom made items for French royalties, to imperial-use product for Japanese Emperor Meiji, Chinese Qing Dynasty, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Egypt. Prompted by the wave of a new generation, products from the Pinaud not only combine with history and culture but also fit in the fashion trend! Until today, the legend of the Pinaud brand still stages on.


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