Émile Barrière

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Émile Barrière
Full name Émile Barrière
Born (1902-02-15)15 February 1902
Died 10 February 1936(1936-02-10) (aged 33)
Vicinity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, South Atlantic[1]
Cause of death Aviation accident (presumed)
Nationality French
Aviation career
Known for Aviation engineer and one of the pioneers of commercial aviation in South America[1]
First flight 1932
Flight license 1933[1]

L'ordre de la Nation (25 February 1936)

Légion d'honneur (10 April 1936)[2]

Émile Barrière was an early twentieth-century French aviator, who played a major role in the early development commercial aviation in South America, rising to be director of Air France's South American network at the age of thirty-one.[1]


In February 1936, Barrière was a passenger on an Air France Latécoère 301 Ville de Buenos Aires which disappeared en route from Natal, Brazil to Dakar, French West Africa.[3] After a radio message from the vicinity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago reporting that the flying boat was flying in rain at an altitude of 300m, nothing more was ever heard of the aircraft.[1]


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