Émile Henriot (chemist)

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not to be confused with Émile Henriot (1889 - 1961), French writer
Émile Henriot
Èmile Henriot.jpg
Émile Henriot, 1927 at Solvay Conference
Born (1885-07-02)July 2, 1885
Died February 1, 1961(1961-02-01) (aged 75)
Citizenship French
Alma mater Sorbonne
Known for First to show definitively that potassium and rubidium are naturally radioactive.
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry
Doctoral advisor Marie Curie
Doctoral students Pol Duwez

Émile Henriot (2 July 1885 – 1 February 1961) was a French chemist notable for being the first to show definitely that potassium and rubidium are naturally radioactive.

He investigated methods to generate extremely high angular velocities, and found that suitably placed air-jets can be used to spin tops at very high speeds - this technique was later used to construct ultracentrifuges.

He was a pioneer in the study of the electron microscope. He also studied birefringence and molecular vibrations.

He obtained his DSc in physics in 1912 the Sorbonne, Paris, under Marie Curie.


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