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Éric Wenger is a computer programmer, artist and musician based in Paris, France. He produces creative software tools exclusively for the Macintosh platform.


Eric Wenger graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris in 1986 where he specialized in computer graphics. His first major appearance on the software scene in the late eighties with a bitmapped image editor called ArtMixer, which included basic 3D tools along with 2D painting and image editing tools, and featured some unique creative abilities, such as being able to stroke a vector-based path with bitmapped art brushes. In that same timeframe, he also released a program called GraphistPaint, and a rotoscoping tool called VideoPaint. He first come to significant public light with his Bryce 3D software in 1994, which make it easy for non-professionals to quickly and intuitively create virtual rendered landscapes. During the development of the program, he teamed up with Kai Krause and Phil Clevenger, who worked with him on the UI design of Bryce. Ken Musgrave was brought into MetaCreations to work on version 3 of Bryce.

Eric Wenger currently produces software for the high-end audio and visual content creation markets: MetaSynth is considered a leading sound design and audio creation tool, based on the notion of transforming visual information into sound. He created ArtMatic, a visual synthesis program originally intended to be a source for textures to synthesize in MetaSynth, but it is become a dedicated visual synthesis and animation tool utilized by VJs, animators and video effects artists for concerts, music videos and art installation applications. Another companion program to ArtMatic is ArtMatic Voyager, a 3D landscape rendering and animation tool that taps into ArtMatic structures and makes them the basis for landscape generation.

Among his various artistic and musical activities Eric Wenger co-composed and realized the Dante01 music of Marc Caro and often collaborate with the contemporary artist Miguel Chevalier. Eric is also a composer of his own music,[1] and a video artist[2]

Wenger also created live visuals for the composer Michel Redolfi subaquatic concert Ars Electronica in Linz (Liquid City 1996) and "Merveilles des Abysses" (Boulogne-sur-Mer 2012)[3]


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