Étienne Radet

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Étienne, baron Radet (1762, Stenay, Meuse - 1825, Varennes) was a French general of the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars. He is notable as the leader of the troops Napoleon sent to abduct Pius VII.


Radet, was born at Stenay in 1762. He was made a general of brigade in 1800 by Napoleon Bonaparte, who gave him the chief command of all the gendarmerie, (armed police.) In 1809 he was ordered to Rome. In July of that year he arrested the Pope Pius VII in his palace and conducted him to Florence. He received the title of baron, (1809,) and became a general of division in 1813.[1]

He was imprisoned in the citadel at Besançon on 28 June 1816, but on 24 December 1818 a royal decision granted him remission on the rest of his sentence on 24 December 1818. Allowed to retire on 1 December 1819, he died at Varennes on 27 September 1825.[2]


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