Éva Ruttkai

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Éva Ruttkai
Ruttkai Éva színművésznő. Fortepan 10629.jpg
Born 31 December 1927
Died 27 September 1986 (aged 58)
Occupation actress
Years active 1945 - 1986

Éva Ruttkai (31 December 1927, Budapest – 27 September 1986, Budapest) was a Hungarian actress, well known from her work on stage, cinema, and television productions. She was the wife of Miklós Gábor, and later Zoltán Latinovits.


Éva Ruttkai (born Éva Russ) was born on 31 December 1927, in Budapest, as the sixth child (though only she, and her brothers Iván and Ottó reached adulthood). The family had hard time to make a living. The two brother already worked as child actors, with Ruttkai following them from age 2. With her brother Iván she worked in the Vígszínház theatre, then in the children theatre of Artúr Lakner, where Ruttkai could work together with well-known actors like Lili Darvas or Artúr Somlay. Gaining the attention of Dániel Jób, director of the Vígszínház, she was contracted at age 16, playing there until her death (except for 1948–51, playing in the National Theatre). She married Miklós Gábor in 1950, giving birth to a daughter, Júlia, two years later. Meeting Zoltán Latinovits in 1960 during rehearsals, they lived together until Latinovits's death. Half a year after her last stage appearance, she died on 27 September 1986.


During her four decade of career, Éva Ruttkai became one of the most versatile actress of her time, gaining critical acclaim in both classical and modern, native and foreign stage roles, and a wide range of movies and television films. She won the Kossuth Prize in 1960.



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