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Être Dieu: opéra-poème, audiovisuel et cathare en six parties (French for "Being God: a Cathar Audiovisual Opera-Poem in Six Parts") is a self-proclaimed "opera-poem" written by Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, based on a libretto by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán with music by French avant-garde musician Igor Wakhévitch. It was originally published in 1985.[1]

The six-part work features Dalí as God, Brigitte Bardot as an artichoke and Catherine the Great and Marilyn Monroe do a striptease. It has been published in an extremely rare 3 LP box-set by a Spanish label. It was re-released in a regular 3CD box published by German-label Eurostar who subsequently went out of business, and there are few-to-no known performances of the work. Dalí painted "Self-Portrait" (1972) to mark the composition of the opera, which was later auctioned by the United States Customs Service after being seized after Colombian drug lords tried to use the painting to launder money.[2]


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