Íñigo Vélez de Guevara, 7th Count of Oñate

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Íñigo Vélez de Guevara

Íñigo Vélez de Guevara, seventh Count of Oñate and Count of Villamediana (1566 – October 31, 1644 in Madrid) was a Spanish political figure. He played an important role in the Thirty Years War.


He was the son of Pedro Vélez de Guevara and María de Tassis. He married Catalina Vélez, fifth Countess of Oñate. When her only brother Ladrón was killed in battle on sea against the English in 1588, Iñigo became seventh Count of Oñate. After the death of his cousin Juan de Tassis y Peralta, 2nd Count of Villamediana he also inherited the title of Count of Villamediana.

He served as Spain's ambassador to the Holy See.

During the Thirty Years War, the Spanish sent an army from Brussels under Ambrosio Spinola to support the Emperor, and, as the Spanish ambassador in Vienna, don Íñigo persuaded Protestant Saxony to intervene against Bohemia in exchange for control over Lusatia. The Saxons invaded, and the Spanish army in the West prevented the Protestant Union's forces from assisting.

Oñate conspired to transfer the Elector of the Palatinate title from the Electorate of the Palatinate to the Duke of Bavaria in exchange for his support and that of the Catholic League. Under the command of General Tilly, the Catholic League army (which included René Descartes in its ranks) pacified Upper Austria, while the Emperor's forces pacified Lower Austria; united, the two moved north into Bohemia. Ferdinand II decisively defeated Frederick V at the Battle of White Mountain, near Prague on 8 November 1620. In addition to making it Catholic, Bohemia would remain in Habsburg hands for three hundred years.

In Spain he had ambitions to follow the Duke of Lerma as valido, but the King's favourite and Íñigo's adversary was chosen, the Count-Duke of Olivares. He lost the King's favor and Luis de Haro became the successor of Olivares.


  • Pedro, killed in Milan after falling off his horse
  • Iñigo (1597–1658), Viceroy of Naples
  • Juan, priest
  • Felipe Emmanuel, killed in battle in 1642 near Perpignan
  • Beltrán, Viceroy of Sardinia
  • María Ana, married Don Antonio María
  • Maria Angela, nun
  • Catalina, nun
  • Ana Maria, nun