Île Longue (Kerguelen Islands)

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Île Longue
Ile Longue-pos.png
The île Longue is highlighted on this Kerguelen Islands map.
Location Indian Ocean
Coordinates 49°32′S 69°54′E / 49.533°S 69.900°E / -49.533; 69.900Coordinates: 49°32′S 69°54′E / 49.533°S 69.900°E / -49.533; 69.900
Archipelago Îles Kerguelen
Area 35.0 km2 (13.5 sq mi)
Highest elevation 270 m (890 ft)
Highest point Pic d'Antoine
District Îles Kerguelen
Population 0

The Île Longue is one of the Kerguelen Islands situated near to the south-east coast of Grande Terre, the principal island.

The highest point is a mountain named Pic d'Antoine, at 270 metres.

Since 1950 the islands hosts about 3500 free range sheep bred in order to provide fresh meat to the Port-aux-Français settlement.[1]


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