Île Raphael

Coordinates: 16°27′0″S 59°37′0″E / 16.45000°S 59.61667°E / -16.45000; 59.61667
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16°27′0″S 59°37′0″E / 16.45000°S 59.61667°E / -16.45000; 59.61667

Île Raphael Chapel in St. Brandon

Île Raphael is an island in the Saint Brandon archipelago, a group of thirty outer islands of Mauritius.[1] The island is named after Veuve Raphaël.[2]

Île Raphael residents amount to less than 40 people and constitute the majority of Saint Brandon's entire population. Some resident employees of Raphael Fishing Company stay and work on the island for periods of up to seven months, depending on the season. Île Raphaël is the principal base for line fishing, fly fishing and fly casting activities by local fishermen.[3]

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