Île Saint-Lanne Gramont

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Île Saint-Lanne Gramont
Ile Saint-Lanne Gramont-pos.png
Île Saint-Lanne Gramont on the Kerguelen Islands
Location Indian Ocean
Coordinates 48° 55′ 32″ S 69° 10′ 46″ E
Archipelago Îles Kerguelen
Area 45.8 km2 (17.7 sq mi)
Highest elevation 473 m (1,552 ft)
Highest point unnamed
District Îles Kerguelen
Population 0

Île Saint-Lanne Gramont is an uninhabited island, the fourth largest island in the Kerguelen Islands, situated to the north of presqu'île de la Société de géographie, with an area of 45.8 km². It reaches 480 m at its highest point and is located at 48°55′25″S 69°10′54″E / 48.92361°S 69.18167°E / -48.92361; 69.18167Coordinates: 48°55′25″S 69°10′54″E / 48.92361°S 69.18167°E / -48.92361; 69.18167. The island is elongated along a north-south axis, reaching a maximum length of 13 km and a maximum width of 3 km. It is free of introduced animals.

Important Bird Area[edit]

The island, along with the neighbouring, and relatively large, islands of Île Foch and Île Howe, as well as the smaller Île MacMurdo, Île Briand, Îles Dayman and Îlots Hallet, has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because of its value as a breeding site, especially for seabirds, with at least 29 species nesting in the IBA.[1]


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