Ñu Guasú Park

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Parque Ñu Guasú
Ñu Guasu 001.jpg
Type Urban park
Location Luque, Paraguay
Coordinates 25°15′52″S 57°32′10″W / 25.26444°S 57.53611°W / -25.26444; -57.53611
Area 25 acres (0.10 km2)
Owned by Communications and Public Constructions Ministry
Status Open all year

The Ñu Guasú Park (Spanish: Parque Ñu Guasú) is an urban park located in Luque, in the Greater Asuncion area, in Paraguay, near the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport. A green area of about 25 hectares, it has been transformed into a recreational park, in part due to ample tree coverage. It is maintained through the Communications and Public Constructions Ministry of Paraguay, through the Public Constructions Direction, dependent of the Vice-Ministry. It's one of the biggest and most well-known park in the Greater Asunción area.

Ñu Guasú Park has a 5-kilometer walking/jogging path and a 1.2-kilometer bicycle path. It also has soccer, volleyball, basketball, and tennis facilities. There are also areas for children to play and areas for doing gymnastic exercises.

The main objective of the park is to give the community a place for sharing and recreation. There is no cost to enter the park.


Sports area

The park has 25 hectares of green space, equipped with lanes, sport courts, children playgrounds, bars and resting areas.

The park is in kept in good condition by many companies, some of them private, trying to maintain the infrastructure in the best conditions because the place is one of the lungs of the Luque and Asunción area.

One on-going project is the maintenance of the paths and another is the forestation of the park, trying to provide the adequate oxygenation of the park. There is also an area for doing physical exercise, with machines that help fortifying the body.

The place also counts with attention for visitors and general information offices, touristic information area, exposition, deposit and hygienic services. However, amongst the information that is not presented, we can include data found on a project research in 2015 regarding one of the two lakes that can be found in the park. The research conlcuded with a statement that suggested that the lake could be contaminated, as it included different species of microalgae (like chlorophytes and cyanobacterias) that are bioindicators of possible contamination in water sources, as well as the observation of different animal species that are not native to this country. These animals could be sources of contamination, as they are carriers of contaminating agents from a close-by sewage.

There is also a parking lot, an ambulance and a fire truck; the food area has 1445 square meters.

Taiwan Park[edit]

Taiwan Park

Inside the park there is a location called “Taiwan Park”. This location has an Oriental style to it, was created trying to resemble the Taiwanese iconography, to show the brotherhood and solidarity shared between Paraguayan and Taiwanese people.

The opening of this section of the park had as honor guests, the President of Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian and the President of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte Frutos.

The Chinese Garden project is located in an island in the first lake, being part of the Paseo de los Lagos (Lagos’ tour), with a 10-meter-long (33 ft) bridge of access, benches, roads, illumination, and a gazebo with characteristic of the oriental architecture. The Bike road

The bike road is located outside the Ñu Guasú Park, on the Autopista Avenue, but when finished it will go from the Park to Silvio Pettirossi Airport, the main airport of the country.

The first part of it goes from Gate of Access No. 1 to Gate of Access No. 2 and its joining with the interior circuit in the park. The width is 3 meters and length is 2.200 meters.

Coordinates: maps 25°15′52″S 57°32′10″W / 25.264444°S 57.536111°W / -25.264444; -57.536111