Ó Lochlainn

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Ó Lochlainn and Ua Lochlainn are Irish surnames. They are patronymic forms of the personal name Lochlann.[1] The surnames have been borne by several Irish families, such as the Uí Lochlainn,[2] and the Meic Lochlainn.[3]

A variant form of Ó Lochlainn is Ó Lachlainn.[4] There are numerous Anglicised forms of Ó Lochlainn, such as: Laughlin,[5] Lock, Locke,[6] Loftus,[7] Loughlin,[8] O'Loghlen, O'Loghlin,[9] O'Loughlan,[10] and O'Loughlin.[11]

People with the surnames[edit]

Ó Lochlainn[edit]

  • Colm Ó Lochlainn (1892–1972), printer, typographer, and traditional Irish Uilleann piper.

Ua Lochlainn[edit]