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Ólafsfjörður in March 2013
Ólafsfjörður in March 2013
Location of the Municipality of Fjallabyggð
Location of the Municipality of Fjallabyggð
Ólafsfjörður is located in Iceland
Location of Ólafsfjörður
Coordinates: 66°04′N 18°39′W / 66.067°N 18.650°W / 66.067; -18.650
Country  Iceland
Constituency[1] Northeast Constituency
Region[2] Northeastern Region
Municipality Fjallabyggð
Population (January 2011)
 • Total 824
Postal code 625
Website Municipal website
Former Municipality
Location of the former Municipality of Ólafsfjarðarbaer
Location of the former Municipality of Ólafsfjarðarbaer
Country  Iceland

Ólafsfjörður is a town in the northeast of Iceland located at the mouth of the fjord Eyjafjörður.

The town is connected to Eyjafjordur via the 3.5 km one-lane Múli tunnel (the Múlagöng). Fishing is the main industry in the town and several fishing trawlers make their home in the town's harbor.

The municipality of Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður has merged to form a municipality called Fjallabyggð, which literally means Mountain Settlement.


The town grew up around the herring industry that was in much bloom in the 1940s and 1950s, but the herring are gone now.

Ólafsfjörður was connected with a road for the first time in 1940, when the horse riding trail through Lágheiði was improved enabling cars to get over the heath. Before, ships, seaplanes, and horses provided the transport.


Tourism has become an important industry.


The town offers sports and activities for people of all ages. Here are some of the Towns' clubs:

- Golf (Golfklúbbur Ólafsfjarðar)

- Equestrian (Hestamannafélagið Gýnari, Ólafsfirði)

- Football/Soccer (Knattspyrnufélag Fjallabyggðar)

- Skiing (Skíðafélag Ólafsfjarðar)

- Shooting (Skotfélag Ólafsfjarðar)

- Snowmobile (Vélsleðafélag Ólafsfjarðar)

The Ólafsfjörður swimming pool is heated, as all other outdoor pools in Iceland, and is open all year round. There's also a yellow, spiraling water slide.

The Alpine facility in Tindaöxl is right above the town and is open in the winter when there's enough snow. A lift takes people up the slopes.


  1. ^ Political division
  2. ^ Mainly statistical division

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Coordinates: 66°04′N 18°39′W / 66.067°N 18.650°W / 66.067; -18.650