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Alternative namesӨчпочмак
CourseMain course
Place of originRussia
Region or stateVolga Region
Main ingredients

Ocpocmaq (/ˌɛpɒ ˈmɑːk/ or /ˌɛʃpɒʃ ˈmɑːk/;[citation needed]Cyrillic: Өчпочмак pronounced [ˌœɕpɔɕˈmɑq], literally triangle)[1][note 1] is a Tatar national and Bashkirs dish, an essential food in Tatar and Bashkirs culture. It is a triangular pastry, filled with chopped beef, onion and potatoes. Öçpoçmaq is usually eaten with bouillon or with tea.

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  1. ^ also transliterated as ochpochmaq, ochpochmak, oechpochmaq, echpochmak, uchpuchmak; sometimes known as treugolnik (треугольник) among the Russian population


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