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Freiburg head office

The Öko-Institut (Institute for Applied Ecology) (sometimes spelt Oeko-Institut) is a non-profit, private-sector environmental research institute with its head office in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.[1][dead link]

Öko-Institut is located in Germany
Freiburg headquarters
Freiburg headquarters
Darmstadt office
Darmstadt office
Berlin office
Berlin office
Öko-Institut's offices

Originally emerging in 1977 from the anti-nuclear movement, today the institute employs around 150 staff members in offices in Freiburg, Darmstadt and Berlin. It produces scientific studies and advises policymakers, environmental NGOs, institutions and companies. Some 100 projects, both national and international, are completed each year.

The institute’s thematic priorities are:

The institute is constituted as a registered association with around 3,000 members, of which almost 40 are local authorities. It finances its work primarily by acquiring third-party funding for its projects. This is complemented by membership fees and donations. Annual revenue is €8.5 million. The Öko-Institut has published an e-paper named eco@work since summer 2006.

The institute is a founding member of the EnergieVision association, which awards the ok-power label for green electricity products. It also launched the EcoTopTen consumer information campaign — the EcoTopTen web portal provides product recommendations for sustainable consumption.


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