Öland County

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Öland County
Ölands län
County of Sweden


Flag of Öland


Capital Borgholm
 •  1819-1821 Axel Adlersparre
 •  1821-1826 Erik Gustaf Lindencrona
 •  Established 1819
 •  Disestablished 1826

Öland County, or Ölands län, was a county of Sweden, between 1819 and 1826. It consisted of the island of Öland, designating the historical province of Öland as its own county. A Governor resided briefly at Borgholm, but the island is today part of the Kalmar County.

Some important historical sites in Öland County are: Borgholm Castle, Halltorps Estate, Eketorp fortress and the Gettlinge Gravefield. Much of Öland County's present day landscape known as the Stora Alvaret has been designated as a World Heritage Site.


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Coordinates: 56°44′N 16°40′E / 56.733°N 16.667°E / 56.733; 16.667