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Örgryte is one of the 21 stadsdelsnämndsområden (a kind of district often translated as borough) of Gothenburg Municipality, Sweden. It is a largely upper middle class residential area, just to the east of the city centre. It has a population of 33,539 (2004), and covers an area of 10.67 square kilometres.


The original village of Örgryte is much older than the city of Göteborg, with construction in the area predating Göteborg. The original parish being much larger was subsequently absorbed by the city in a gradual process lasting from 1882 to 1922.[1] Construction in the area predates the surrounding areas. The name Örgryte likely originates from the presence of several giant's kettles (jättegryt lit. giant's gryt in Swedish) in the area.


Örgryte contains 8 distinct, officially defined residential districts (primärområden):

Örgryte borders the following "city boroughs":

It also borders the neighbouring Mölndal Municipality, to the south.

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Coordinates: 57°42′0″N 12°0′0″E / 57.70000°N 12.00000°E / 57.70000; 12.00000