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Region of originSweden
Other names
DerivedScandinavian name, meaning "farmer"
Related namesØrjan, George

Örjan (OErjan) is an old Swedish male name originating from the Low German name Jurian or Jurien which is a variant of George. The Name Day in Sweden is July 9. The Norwegian version of the name is Ørjan.

The name has been present in Sweden since the Middle Ages as (Yrian). The saint called St George elsewhere in Europe was then called Sankt Örjan or Riddar Örjan (Knight Örjan), (nowadays normally Sankt Göran). The name was very popular at this time. The name evolved during the 16th century to Jöran or Göran, and the original name became uncommon. In the mid 20th century the name had a brief renaissance.

In Sweden there were in total 3147 persons[1] with the firstname Örjan. The name is mainly only used in Sweden and Norway.

Country Men Boys
Amount Percent Rank Amount Percent Rank
Norway Ørjan 3,511 (2006) 0.15 % 151. 45 (2006) 0.15 % 140.
Sweden Örjan 5 898 (2013) 0.13 % - - (2010) - (> 100.)

In Finland 41 men have been baptised to Örjan during 1920 to 2008.


Persons with the name Örjan/Ørjan[edit]


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