Österdal River

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Österdal River (Österdalälven)
Österdal River seen from Leksand, view over Lake Siljan
Country Sweden
 - location Djurås
 - coordinates 60°33′N 15°07′E / 60.550°N 15.117°E / 60.550; 15.117Coordinates: 60°33′N 15°07′E / 60.550°N 15.117°E / 60.550; 15.117
Length 300 km (186 mi) [1]
Basin 12,430 km2 (4,799 sq mi) [1]

Österdalälven is a 300-kilometre (190 mi) long river in Sweden that flows southeast through Dalarna. Its sources are Storån, Grövlan and Sörälven and the end point is Djurås, in the municipality of Gagnef, where it connects with Västerdalälven to form Dalälven. Österdalälven flows through the Trängslet Dam and Siljan.


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