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Simrishamn harbour in Österlen

Österlen is the southeastern part of the Swedish province of Scania. The name derives from its location 'east of the route' (ancient route from Ystad, heading north-east); 'Öster om len' ('len' is short for leden, i.e. route). The principal town of Österlen is Simrishamn. It is famous for beautiful nature, small towns, apple orchards, farmland and is a popular tourist attraction.

Many songs and poems have been written about Österlen. One of the most popular songs is "Om himlen och Österlen", composed by Scanian singer-songwriter Michael Saxell.

Coordinates: 55°37′35″N 14°11′05″E / 55.626445°N 14.184723°E / 55.626445; 14.184723