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Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skin Blanc
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called Ausztriai (in Hungary), Ausztriai Feher, Blanke, Kahlenberger Weiße, Weiße
Origin Austria?

Österreichisch-Weiß (literally, Austrian white) is a grape variety for white wine. It is now very rarely cultivated, but is noted for being one of the parents of Silvaner, the other parent being Traminer.[1] Österreichisch-Weiß itself is the offspring of Weißer Heunisch (Gouais blanc) as father with an unknown mother variety.[2]

In older times, Österreichisch-Weiß (up to 90%) blended with Traminer contributed to giving "Grinzinger" (wine from Grinzing in Vienna) a good reputation.[1]

It is often confused with Brauner Veltliner. The name Österreicher has previously also been used as a synonym for Brauner Veltliner and Silvaner.[1]