Stockholm East Station

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Stockholm East Station
Stockholms östra vid Drottning Kristinas väg 2005-06-27-3.jpg
The Drottning Kristinas Väg entrance to the station
Location Stockholm
Coordinates 59°20′46″N 18°4′17″E / 59.34611°N 18.07139°E / 59.34611; 18.07139Coordinates: 59°20′46″N 18°4′17″E / 59.34611°N 18.07139°E / 59.34611; 18.07139
Elevation 26 m (85 ft) AMSL
Owned by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Operated by Roslagståg
Line(s) Roslagsbanan: 27, 28, 29
Platforms 3
Tracks 6
Connections Tekniska högskolan
(Stockholm Metro)
Architect Albin Stark (1932 building)
Opened 1884
October 7, 1932 (current building)
Stockhoms Ostra.jpg

Stockholm East Station (Swedish: Stockholms östra station) or Stockholm Ö is a railway station on the Roslag Railway in Stockholm, Sweden.

The present station was inaugurated in 1932 and located on Valhallavägen in northeastern central Stockholm, close to the Royal Institute of Technology (Tekniska Högskolan), replacing an older provisional station from 1884 which was located some hundred metres to the north. Originally, the building had the offices of SRJ, the company owning and managing the Roslag Railway. There are still offices in the building for the company which is operating the traffic at present.

The building also includes a restaurant, which has the same interior as when the building was new, something which is appreciated by the customers. The restaurant is well known as a place where supporters of sports club Djurgårdens IF like to go, as it is relatively close to the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, the classic former home field of Djurgårdens IF football team.[1][2]

It is located in conjunction with the Stockholm metro station Tekniska högskolan. It is now the southern end station of the Roslag Railway. Earlier, some trains continued on a tram line to Engelbrektsplan next to Humlegården.

The station makes up the background in the 2011 Swedish movie Stockholm Östra, starring Mikael Persbrandt and Iben Hjejle.[3]


Platform 5 during daytime 
Platform 5 at night 
As seen from Nymble, the Students' Union building of the Royal Institute of Technology 


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