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Özlem Tekin
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Background information
Born (1971-11-18) November 18, 1971 (age 50)
California, United States
GenresAcoustic rock, hard rock, punk rock, pop
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, actress
Years active1994–2013
LabelsPeker Müzik, İstanbul Plak Sony Music

Özlem Tekin (born November 18, 1971) is a Turkish singer and occasional actress, primarily known for her music. Though she started out in the hard rock genre, her music has progressed to incorporate different styles such as house, punk, pop and Turkish folk music.

Life and career[edit]

Özlem Tekin was born in California, United States into a Turkish-American family. Her father Talat Tekin was a prominent Turkologist and an Altaicist at UC Berkeley. The Tekins moved to Turkey when she was four years old. Özlem grew up in Ankara, where she studied classical western music at the Hacettepe University Music Conservatory in Ankara, specializing in the clarinet.

She started out as the vocalist in The Bad. The Bad was an underground rock band like most other rock bands and they would perform gigs at clubs, often playing covers of other popular bands. In 1993, she met Şebnem Ferah, who has now also become another recognized rock musician in Turkey, and became the keyboard player of the successful all-female rock band Volvox. Özlem occasionally performed as the lead singer as well.

While still in Volvox, she met Hakan Peker and they started working on her debut solo album in 1994. This album, Kime Ne (who cares?), was eventually released in January 1996 to widespread critical acclaim. The first single Aşk Herşeyi Affeder Mi? (Does love forgive everything?), written by Barlas Erinç shot to the top of the charts. Other hit tracks include Duvaksız Gelin (Bride without a veil) and Herkes Şanslı Doğmuyor (Not everyone is born lucky).

Then, Özlem Tekin left Hakan Peker's record label and went to İstanbul Plak which also had acquired other popular singers such as Tarkan. Her second album Öz was released in February 1998. This spawned Yol which became an enormous hit.

Laubali came out a year later to great acclaim.

Özlem started up her own TV show on Kanal D called Yaz Rüzgarı (Summer Wind) in 2000. This aired for 1 hour, 5 days a week and received high ratings. In 2003 she started acting in the TV series "Sil Baştan" (From the Beginning). This show aired for 2 years, also with high ratings.

In 2005, she starred in the stage musical "Mucizeler Komedisi" (The Comedy of Miracles). That same year, her new album "10987654321" was released, which presented a much harder sound than her previous efforts.

In 2006, she acted in the Cem Yılmaz movie "Hokkabaz" (The Trickster). In the same year, she also featured in the TV movie "Maçolar".

Her fans celebrated her tenth year in music by naming a forest after her: "Özlem Tekin-Bahar Ormanı (Özlem Tekin-Spring Forest)" by her fans.

In 2007, she had a role in another TV movie "Fesupanallah" as well as acting on stage with the famous Metin Serezli in a theater show named "Kim O". She also featured in duets with up and coming musicians during the year. (Ozturk's "Ben Uyurken," Badem's "Kalpsiz")

In 2008, she started a new TV programme at Kral TV, one of the most established national music channels in Turkey. The programme's name is "Hiperaktif" (hyperactive) after Özlem's character. Also in 2008 she featured with Turkish singer Mişa, in his song "Dost Kalamam".

In 2010, after a long break since her last album, she released her sixth studio album, "Bana Bi'şey Olmaz". One of the old tracks, "Sil Baştan", which she wrote for the TV series with the same name, is in this album. She also recorded "Sen Anla" which was written by her and vocalized, and used by a famous Turkish singer, Levent Yüksel, in his earlier album. One of the interesting things about new album is that she interpreted a famous Anatolian folk song "Hey Onbeşli" as "Aslan Yarim", in her own musical style. The first video clip from this album was "Yatağım Boş". After a while, second video clip "Kimse Bilmez" started to appear on TV channels. Third video clip "Sen Anla" was released and had a better popularity than the previous singles.



Released by Ateş Müzik (2013).

Track Listing

  1. Kargalar (Crows)
  2. Asker (Soldier)
  3. Kiyamet (Apocalypse)
  4. Ay (Moon)
  5. Sebepsiz Savaş (Causeless war)
  6. Dünyam (My World)
  7. Tarlalar (Fields)
  8. Kargalar Remix
  9. Dünyam Remix
  10. Asker Remix

Bana Bi'şey Olmaz (Nothing Would Happen to Me)[edit]

Released by Sony Music) (2010).

Track Listing

  1. Bana Bi'şey Olmaz
  2. Kimse Bilmez
  3. Yatağım Boş
  4. Şikayetim Var
  5. Sen Anla
  6. Yüzde Seksen
  7. Erkekliğime Ver
  8. Vur Beni
  9. Aslan Yarim
  10. Sil Baştan
  11. Kimse Bilmez (Acoustic)


Released by İstanbul Plak (2005).

Track Listing

  1. Değmez
  2. Gezegen X
  3. Cinayet
  4. Belki
  5. Dene
  6. Kaf Dağı
  7. Aşk Yangın
  8. A) Şık
  9. Aşinayım Firara
  10. Adımı Söyle

Tek Başıma (All Alone)[edit]

Released by İstanbul Plak (2002)

Track Listing

  1. Kimbilir
  2. Dağları Deldim
  3. Hep Yek
  4. Oof
  5. Kırıldım
  6. Deli Gibi
  7. Onun İçin
  8. Aşka Dair
  9. İki Adım
  10. Daa

Laubali (Cavalier)[edit]

Released by İstanbul Plak, (1999).

Track Listing

  1. Laubali
  2. Vurma
  3. Biri Var
  4. Biberi Bol
  5. Bu Kalp
  6. Kumdan Kaleler
  7. Yazmamışlar
  8. Ve Olamadı Aşk
  9. Sorma
  10. Beni Yakan Aşkın
  11. Bir yaz Günü


Öz (English: Essence) is the second album by Turkish singer Özlem Tekin. It was released on 15 December 1998 by publisher Istanbul Plak. The album has ten songs.[1]

Track Listing

  1. "Bahar" (composition-lyrics: Barlas)
  2. "Öz" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  3. "Yol" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  4. "Saat" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  5. "Paparazzi" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  6. "Tarlalar" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  7. "Duvar" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  8. "Dünya" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  9. "Çok" (composition-lyrics: Özlem Tekin)
  10. ”Hiç" (composition-lyrics: Barlas)

Kime Ne (Who Cares)[edit]

Released by Peker Müzik (1996).

Track Listing

  1. Aşk Her Şeyi Affeder mi
  2. Sebepsiz Savaş
  3. Duvaksız Gelin
  4. Yar Bana Varmadı
  5. Kime Ne
  6. Herkes Şanslı Doğmuyor
  7. Niye Bana Bu Ceza
  8. Adresler Karıştı
  9. Var mı Yan Bakan
  10. Gel Bu Yaz


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