Öztürk Serengil

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Öztürk Serengil
Born 2 May 1930
Artvin / Turkey
Died 11 January 1999

Öztürk Serengil (2 May 1930 – 11 January 1999) was a Turkish actor and comedian. He is mostly known as one of the most famous comedians in Turkish films.


He was born in Artvin, Turkey on 2 May 1933 as the son of a teacher. He started his acting career with a play Oğlum Edvard (My Son Edward). In 1958, he worked with Oda Theatre and since 1959, with Istanbul City Theatre. His first cinema film was Üçüncü Kat Cinayeti'. In his early films, he played the role of the villain. He took up comedy which quickly became very popular among the filmgoing public. He appeared in a total of more than 400 films and theatre plays.

Öztürk Serengil died of brain cancer on 11 January 1999 at the age of 69. He married four times. Singer Seren Serengil is his daughter.

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