ØØ Void

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ØØ Void
Album art for the album "ØØ Void" by drone metal band Sunn O))).jpg
Studio album by Sunn O)))
Released June 26, 2000 (2000-06-26)
Recorded 2000
Genre Drone metal
Length 58:31
81:35 (Bonus Disc)
Label Rise Above (RISE29)
Hydra Head (CD) (HH666-94)
Daymare (2xCD) (DYMC-24)
Southern Lord (sunn150)
Producer Scott Reeder
Sunn O))) chronology
The Grimmrobe Demos
ØØ Void
Flight of the Behemoth
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

ØØ Void (pronounced in interviews as "double-O void") is the first studio album by Sunn O))). The album was recorded on 24 track 2" tape at Grandmaster Studios in Hollywood,[2] a large step forward in production values from the band's demo recording The Grimmrobe Demos.

The third track, "Rabbits' Revenge", is an interpretation of an obscure Melvins' song that was only played live during their early years. A sample of a live performance of the original song can be heard past the five minute mark.

The album was originally released in 2000, by Hydra Head in the USA, and by Rise Above in Europe and the United Kingdom. In 2008, ØØ Void was reissued and released in Japan only, through the Japanese record label Daymare Recordings. The reissue was a two-disc set, with the first disc containing all of the original tracks from ØØ Void and the second disc containing a collaboration between Sunn O))) and the experimental/industrial group Nurse with Wound. The album was re-released in the original single-disc format in 2011 by Southern Lord Recordings,[2] with new album artwork by Stephen Kasner.[3]

Track listing[edit]

ØØ Void
No. Title Length
1. "Richard" 14:32
2. "NN O)))" 15:15
3. "Rabbits' Revenge" (Melvins cover) 14:01
4. "Ra at Dusk" 14:43

Bonus disc[edit]

All music composed by Sunn O))) and Nurse with Wound.

The Iron Soul of Nothing
No. Title Length
1. "Dysnystaxis (...A Chance Meeting with Somnus)" 19:01
2. "Ash on the Trees (The Sudden Ebb of a Diatribe)" 17:08
3. "Ra at Dawn (Rapture, At Last, Numbered by Her Light)" 25:25

Guest musicians[edit]


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