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Location in Troms
Location in Troms
Location in Troms
Type Mountain Glacier
Location Finnmark/Troms, Norway
Coordinates 70°10′N 22°03′E / 70.167°N 22.050°E / 70.167; 22.050Coordinates: 70°10′N 22°03′E / 70.167°N 22.050°E / 70.167; 22.050
Area 42 km2 (16 sq mi)

Øksfjordjøkelen (Northern Sami: Ákšovuonjiehkki) is the ninth largest glacier in mainland Norway. The glacier is located on the border between Finnmark and Troms counties. The 42-square-kilometre (16 sq mi) glacier lies in both Loppa and Kvænangen municipalities.[1]

The highest point was earlier known to have an elevation of 1,204 metres (3,950 ft). It is now a mere 1,191 metres (3,907 ft) due to glacier shrinkage.[2] But it still is, for the time being, the highest point in all of Finnmark county. The mountain Svartfjellet lies just north of the glacier in Loppa. That is another of the highest points in Finnmark county. The lowest point on the glacier has an elevation of 330 metres (1,080 ft). The village of Alteidet in Kvænangen is located nearby, along the European route E6.[3]

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